Why is it important to separate coloured glass for recycling?


In the recycling process, colour is very important. Clear glass is usually recycled back into new clear glass, and coloured glass is recycled back into new coloured glass. The process of splitting mixed glass adds additional time and cost, which is why it is more efficient to sort the glass before the recycling process begins to ensure better quality of the new glass products.


This is why we were very happy to hear that Southampton council has  recently started to separate recycling collections for glass. This means more glass will end up being recycled as a result, saving money and energy too.


As fellow glass-lovers know, glass is one of the most sustainable packaging materials available. Made from just three natural ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash, it remains 100-percent recyclable for life.


Friends of Glass hopes that more and more cities in the UK will follow Southampton’s excellent example, ensuring higher rates for glass recycling. All in all, a great result for glass and an even better one for the environment!


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