Why Coke Tastes Better from a Glass Bottle


Have you ever noticed that Coca Cola tastes extra special from a glass bottle? More importantly, have you ever wondered why? If so keep on reading :)


Unforgettable Taste


Many people say that to enjoy Coke at its best, you need to drink it from a glass bottle.. Glass doesn’t interact with what it holds, which is why it’s simply the best protector of flavour and freshness.


Doing your bit for the Environment


Coca Cola from a glass bottle not only lets you experience its full unadulterated taste, but also makes you feel good about your impact on the planet.  Glass is 100 per cent and endlessly recyclable, a combination which is hard to beat.


Clear Quality


Have you ever noticed that restaurants tend to serve their soft drinks in glass bottles? It’s because glass says quality, all by itself. It’s the only packaging material that people get really passionate about, and that’s why the majority of iconic brands still use glass to package their products in.


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