Vinegar Gets Smart – New Augmented Reality Campaign Adds Extra Spice to Shopping Experience


Friends of Glass is impressed with a clever new marketing campaign from speciality ingredients experts, Merchant Gourmet. This innovative campaign enables consumers to walk into supermarkets, scan the bottles with their smart phones and immediately receive a step-by-step cookery lesson and recipe to create a special Spiced Black Rice Vinegar dish.


“We wanted to develop a campaign that would engage customers and get them interacting with the product,” said communications manager Karen Alleyne. “All they have to do is point their device at the special neck collars which are placed around the bottle and they can enjoy their guide and recipe in the palm of their hand.”


Spiced Black Rice Vinegar is a versatile ingredient created by blending a mix of exotic Asian spices. Infused with cinnamon, aniseed, liquorice, peppercorns, orange peel, we’re delighted to see it is stored in a square shaped glass bottle so its unique taste is preserved.


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