Trashed – No Place for Waste!


We recently came across the new documentary about global waste “Trashed” and couldn’t help but share this with you. In this film, Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons explores some of the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal the extent of how our rubbish is affecting us and our planet.


In this visual and emotionally-charged film, Jeremy takes us on a journey to explore the risks to the food chain and the environment by the rising tide of household waste found at sea.


Jeremy says “There is a clear feeling from a growing number of people that the time has come for us all to start to try and change our ways, and to endeavour to live a more careful life.”


This movie is a positive, if alarming wakeup call. It ends on a message of hope – we can all do something to help stop the problem, all we need to do is take small actions every day!


One easy place to start is in our choice of packaging. By choosing to buy our favourite foods and drinks in glass, we can do our bit to ensure more is recycled rather than dumped.  Did you know that glass is one of the most sustainable types of packaging? Glass is inert and made from three simple ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash and  can be recycled over and over again without any loss in quality.


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