May your Christmas be Merry and ‘Green’!


With the festive season just around the corner, many will be stocking up their shelves with sweet treats, delicious drinks and other holiday essentials. It’s one of the most exciting times in the year when families and friends sit down together for a lovely meal and exchange carefully picked presents.


However, Christmas time is also one of the most wasteful occasions, as we produce 30 per cent more rubbish than usual*. That’s why Friends of Glass would like to remind you to recycle the cranberry and horseradish sauce jars you were passing around the table, and put all those wine and beer bottles in the recycling box or take them to bottle bank.



Here are some quick tips from us, for perfect glass recycling this Christmas.


  1. Glass containers such as bottles and jars should be cleaned before recycling.
  2. Remember that you can also recycle the aluminium screw tops along with their glass bottles. Simply screw the top back on the empty bottle before recycling.
  3. Check if your local council sorts your glass into separate compartments on the recycling truck next time it collects from your doorstep. If it doesn’t, do take your empty bottles and jars to the nearest bottle bank as this helps ensure the highest quality recycled glass is obtained.
  4.  You can find your nearest glass bank at – just type in your postcode (UK only). Why not plan a visit to your local recycling point in to your family’s post-Christmas meal walk? You can burn off those festive treats whilst doing some good for the environment!
  5. When using bottle banks, put the glass in the correct bank for clear, green or brown glass (blue glass goes in with green glass). A small effort which in the end reduces CO2 emissions and ensures the maximum amount of glass gets recycled.


Did you know?  The jar or bottle you put in the bottle bank could be back on the shelf within 70 days!


Happy Recycling :)



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