Marmite Glass Jar – the Origins of Good Design and Great Taste


It might surprise you, but Marmite’s roots are set in Germany. When German scientist Justus von Liebig discovered that a brewer’s yeast cells could be concentrated, bottled and eaten, it was the first step towards Marmite being invented.


It was in 1902 that Marmite Food Company was set up in Burton on Trent, and the basic production method has changed very little since it was first invented.


Did you also know that Marmite originally came in a small earthenware pot, similar to the kind of French casserole dish called a ‘Marmite’, (pronounced MAR-MEET)? This is widely considered to be where Marmite gets its name from. Nowadays, you can still find the original dish on the label attached to the front of the pot; however the company started using glass jars in the 1920s. The shape of the jar and the distinctive red and yellow label haven’t changed much since then either.


Marmite is full of vitamin B, and due to the unique glass design, it ensures that all the goodness of the product stays fresher for longer and maintains the same famous taste.


Marmite leaves little room for people to sit on the fence – you either love it or hate it, but what’s your call?


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