Make Earth Hour magical with glass


Friends of Glass are big fans of Earth Hour and every year we join the rest of the world by switching our lights off for one hour on 29th of March. Earth Hour is such a great opportunity to do something we don’t need electricity for –maybe playing card or board games with your family or sip your favourite tipple as you swop favourite stories with friends by candlelight. Perhaps just sit for a while and reflect on why switching off the lights helps connect us closer to the Earth, as the clock ticks away the hour.


At Friends of Glass we love to prepare for the Hour by making some lovely lanterns from glass jars. These help  make the experience extra special. When making glass jars lanterns you can really use your creativity as anything goes. Maybe you like simple clear lanterns or maybe you like to paint them? Click here for this simple guide in how to create your very own.


Using glass jars at Earth Hour makes perfect sense because glass is  so environmentally friendly. Did you know that recycling glass bottles and jars saves energy? Primarily because it reduces the need to extract and refine natural resources and one glass bottle can go a long way! Even if you recycle one glass bottle, it saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours! You have to agree that’s pretty amazing :)


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