Luxury Foods and Beverages Take Glass Packaging in New Directions


Glass may be one of the original food and beverage packaging materials, but the latest crop of glass jars and bottles is anything but old school. Driving the creative excitement is a new focus on unusual shapes, particularly for gourmet and luxury products.


One great example is the new Callegari Olive Oil bottle, which is in the shape and colour of a drop of olive oil. The company chose glass to convey elegance and to provide functionality.


“Olive oil is not often brought to the table in its original package. Gourmet audiences usually use fancy oil dispensers. Callegari is a premium olive oil, and we wanted to honour its quality by turning its packaging into a statement” says Patricia Ebner, brand design director at Pereira & O’Dell.



Gourmet honey brands also continue to choose glass packaging, to convey quality and purity as well as for product protection. Imperial Yucatán Honey, uses a distinctive rectangle shaped jar for its 100 per cent pure, raw honey. The unique design of the jar complements the artisanal quality of the product and lets the rich colour of the honey speak for itself.


“The inspiration was to create a vessel for this incredible honey that was more perfume- or cosmetic-like,” says Mixed Business Group creative director Marc Balet. “I was looking to make it more of a fashion statement than just another plastic squeeze bottle. That did not fit the product’s intent.”



Luxury and quality also are the themes for AnestasiA Vodka, as the brand’s attention-grabbing design illustrates. The bottle is sculptural and angular, more closely resembling a décor item than a liquor container.


“The vodka is premium. It is five-times filtered. It’s a superior-quality product and a luxuriously smooth product as well. We wanted the packaging to represent luxury and innovation but without necessarily being gimmicky or having diamonds all over it” says Yuliya Mamontova-Calian, CEO and co-founder of NUMbrands Inc.



There is probably no surprise that wine brands continue to choose glass for their new products. The Vini Exceptional Wine by the Glass, uses a custom-designed glass tube as the bottle for its high-end, single-serving wines.


“It’s made with a very lightweight, seamless glass,” says Sunny Fraser, CEO and founder of The Vini, noting the package’s “elegant appeal”. Though tall and narrow, the tubes can stand on their own.



H.J. Heinz Co.chose a glass jar for a new line of gourmet ketchups that it introduced recently in Europe. The 300g jar, which echoes the styling of Heinz’s iconic glass bottle, features embossed details and is decorated with a full-body shrink sleeve. The packaging’s good looks make it suitable for table use, and its large mouth makes spooning out the product easy.


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