Love Your Glass Bank Competition


Welcome to our competition to find the UK’s most loved glass bank!


As all our Friends know, glass is 100% recyclable and it can be made into new bottles and jars again and again.With the festive season here, when most of us use more glass bottles and jars, we’d like to encourage all of our Friends of Glass to recycle theirs – but with a little incentive to help you on your way.


How to play:


1) Collect all your empty glass containers – hopefully there will be a few bottles and jars left over from Christmas..!

2) Take them to your nearest glass bank (you can find yours by going to and typing in your postcode). Glass recycled at glass banks ensures that the glass collected is of the highest quality and so aids recycling.

3) Take a photo of yourself using the glass bank and upload it to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tell us where and who you are!


We will select the best 25 photos and display them on our website at the end of the competition. The winners will be rewarded with one of our special Friends of Glass Jute bags, which will also be perfect to use time and time again.



Did you know?


- The first glass bank in Britain was installed on 6th June 1977, and since then the number has risen to over 50,000, allowing over 750,000 tonnes of glass to be recycled every year to make new bottles and jars.

- The first glass jar ever recycled was by Stanley Race, who was president of the Glass Manufacturing Federation at the time. It is believed that over 23 billion jars and bottles have been recycled since then.

- It is important that before putting glass containers into a glass bank, that they are rinsed out and have the lids removed so as not to contaminate the recycling process.

- Bottles and jars should be placed into the correct colour container: clear, green or brown glass. This is important and helps speed up the process because green and brown glass have different chemical compositions and require separate furnaces to melt the glass to produce the best quality glass products.




- One photo per entrant

- Closing date 28th January 2012

- The 25 photos selected  will receive a Friends of Glass jute bag. There is no cash alternative. Friends of Glass UK decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into

- Friends of Glass will post all the winners on our website by 31st January 2011. Winners please allow up to 28 days after the closing date for delivery of your jute bag


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