Is Glass Making A Comeback On The Doorstep?


It seems like just about anything vintage is making a comeback, and the food scene is no exception. Slowly but steadily, milk delivery services are making a comeback in some areas for reasons that are both personal (glass lovers know that milk from a glass bottle taste better and stay cooler for longer) and political (supporting small-scale dairies is good for the local food movement and the environment).

It can also make your mornings that little bit extra special! We love how Rosie Millard beautifully captured the excitement of her little one about the freshly delivered milk in her recent “Modernity is here – we have acquired a milkman and glass bottles” article in The Independent:


“Wow!” says my youngest son “What time will you arrive with our milk?” “5am” pronounces Bravo dourly. “I’m going to get up early and see you!” shouts my child, who has never heard of anything so amazing as milk in a glass bottle.”


Although prices are slightly higher than store-bought milk, delivery services give consumers their calcium with convenience and safety. Glass acts as a natural barrier against bacteria as it’s virtually impermeable to oxygen, thus keeping milk full of its natural vitamins and minerals. Rosie also thinks that milk deliveries will stop the need for those irritating journeys when you just pop out for a pint of milk but seem to come back with a bag full of random items.


According to Chris and Gillian Spakauskas, who have been delivering milk in York for 24 years, the majority of their new customers are usually young professional couples who simply want a pint of fresh milk on the doorstep in the morning, so they can have a cup of tea before setting off for the day.  And nothing keeps freshness better than glass, as it doesn’t interact with what it holds and protects the flavour.


Do you get your milk delivered? If so, do tell us why. Is it because milk just tastes better when it comes from a glass milk bottle, or because glass doesn’t have an odour? Maybe it’s because you know that glass won’t leak, or because glass keeps the milk colder and fresher for longer? Or, perhaps you just like the memories it brings back from your childhood? We would love to hear your comments! Get in touch with us on Facebook or tweet twitter @FriendsofGlassUK



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