How to sterilise glass jars: top tips from Jamie’s Food Team


Thinking of making some homemade jams and chutneys this summer? Here are some handy tips from Pete at Jamie’s Food Team on how to sterilise jars.


Juicy berries, fresh peaches, apples, pears and other fruits can be deliciously preserved in a glass jar to enjoy all year long! Why not add a pretty cloth over the lid, and give your pot of homemade jam to a friend or relative as a heartfelt handmade gift!






Hi, I’m Pete from Jamie’s food team and I’m going to show you how to sterilise jars. Now this selection of jars here I’ve washed thoroughly and I’ve left to dry upside down with the lids on a clean tea towel. So there as clean as I can get them before sterilisation.



I’ve got myself here an aluminium tray, it can be any old metal tray as long as it can go in the oven, that’s fine. I’m going to take my jars, place them on the tray not touching each other and then I’m going to pop this tray in a pre heated oven for one hundred and eighty degrees, so the trays going in the oven…. so the jars go in the oven at one hundred and eighty degrees for ten minutes.



Now the lids obviously need to be sterilised or else there would be no point in sterilising the jar and not the lid, so I’m going to pop these in a pan full of boiling water for about the same amount of time, nothing else in here apart from water. Turn them upside down so they sink!



After ten minutes I’m going to take my tray of jars out of the oven. They’re nice and hot and sterilised. I’m going to pop them here and they’re ready to be filled with JamPickleChutney whatever your making.



I pop my clean dish towel there (on the side) and out of the water with my tongues I’m going to pick my sterilised lids and pop them upside down onto my clean tea towel.



So here are my clean, hot, sterilised jam jars and here I have my lids which are sterilised and ready to be screwed on the top. Its very important to clean your jam jars and make them as sterilised as possible before you fill them with anything to make sure that there’s no organism or nasty bug in there that’s going to make people sick when they eat whatever you put inside… and that’s how to sterilise jars.


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