Glass olive oil jugs are here to stay!


We were very happy to hear that a European Union ban on the use of unmarked olive oil jugs on restaurant tables has been dropped following a public outcry across Europe.


Last month the EU proposed a requirement that olive oil “presented at a restaurant table” must be in factory packaged bottles with a tamper-proof “hygienic” nozzle and printed labelling in line with Brussels standards.


After numerous articles in the press and thousands of consumer complaints Dacian Ciolos, the European commissioner for agriculture, admitted that the proposed ban on traditional olive oil jugs, had provoked popular loathing, or “misunderstanding”, from the people that he said wanted to protect for their own good.


“It was a measure intended to help consumers, to protect and inform them but it is clear that it cannot attract consumer support,” he said.


“As a consequence, I am withdrawing the proposition. I wanted to come here today to demonstrate that I’ve been very alive to the current debate in the press”.


The small glass bottle filled and refilled with golden olive oil, has long been a staple on many restaurant tables across Europe and we very happy to know that they are here to stay!


Because of olive oil’s high mono-unsaturated fat content, it can be stored longer than most other oils. Oils are fragile and need to be treated gently to preserve their healthful properties. That’s why glass bottles make the best storage containers for it. Glass is not only is the best protector of flavour and freshness, but it’s also inert so it doesn’t interact with what it holds.


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