Friends of Glass – Gü


Gü, Arguably the most delicious, decadent desserts ever known to man, have really added a naughty side to glass!


Whilst some customers may believe it to be a continental brand, the company, set up in 2003, is roguishly British, with founders using a play on words to vaguely resemble goût – French for taste. And we all know that glass keeps food tasting fresher for longer.


Although their puds might be devilishly indulgent, don’t feel too guilty, as the company are intriguingly eco-friendly. Guiding customers to use their ramekins again and again, suggestions on their website for regular reuse include planting pots for garden herbs, storage places for stray buttons or loose coins, perfect tea light holders and ideal for serving nibbles in!


They also guarantee that the ramekins are made from 60% recycled glass, and are upfront about asking customers to recycle or reuse their ramekins after use – which we think is absolutely Gü-eatiful!


Finally, if your office has over 100 people, will really get your colleagues tongues wagging!


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