Find out why glass could be the natural, environmentally-friendly feeding choice for you and your newborn


In a world where nothing stays the same for long it’s good to know that some things can be relied on to be as consistent as they have always been. Glass baby feeding bottles are a great example of this. While other trends come and go, glass gets on with being quietly brilliant at letting your baby enjoy their milk safely.


Feeding your baby with a glass bottle means you just don’t need to worry. Glass is wonderfully simple: easy to clean, sterilise and re-use. It doesn’t need any extra chemical layers added during manufacture, plus it doesn’t absorb foreign substances, so stays pure and uncontaminated. And, because it doesn’t react with anything else, it’s safe to use over and over again. Plus, of course, glass performs really well in a microwave, without suffering any deterioration in quality or absorption, instead conducting heat efficiently. Glass doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemicals that can leach from more traditional feeding bottles over time, and if heated to a high temperature.


5 fab facts you should know about glass

• Glass is endlessly recyclable, taking just 30 days to journey from your recycling bin back to a new container on the store shelf

• Glass is good for you, it doesn’t need any added chemicals to protect food and drink

• Glass does not taint the original taste or quality of food or drink and preserves its contents for longer

• Recycling a single glass baby bottle or feeding jar could power a computer for 20-25 minutes

• 62% of adults prefer to drink liquid from a glass*. The Friends of Glass think if babies could talk, they would agree!


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The article originally appeared on Baby Expert’s website.



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