Enjoy a 3 Course Meal in a Jar


Autumn’s weather is in full swing now, and with night time drawing in much quicker, we all look for some comforting, satisfying and seasonal recipes to keep us warm. At Friends of Glass, we just love meals in jars ideas; they’re quirky, exciting and theatrical. Glass jars also keep your food warmer for longer and come in a variety of sizes.


Here is a perfect trio for a family dinner or friends night in dining experience, enjoy!


Spicy Black Bean Soup


We think that this homemade soup makes a perfect starter; it’s cheap, easy to make and tastes delicious! Use canned beans and it will be ready in minutes. If you have leftovers, why not pack extra glass containers for the lunch the next day? For the full recipe, click here.


Delicious Layered Pizza
The concept of the pizza in a jar is simple, just add your dough and other ingredients and bake. The cool thing about this is that you can prepare the jars ahead and put them in the oven whenever. Why not reinvent this meal by adding new ingredients each time, or maybe bake a few different batches? For the full recipe, click here.


Reach Chocolate Cake
End the night on a high with these yummy chocolate puddings. Desserts like these not only look fancy, but also taste amazing, let’s just say the jars will be squeaky clean at the end of the meal! For the full recipe, click here.


Have you ever cooked a meal in a jar? If so, we would love to see your recipes or images. Get in touch with us on Facebook or tweet @GlassFriendsUK.

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