Consumers agree that Glass adds Class


We were interested to learn that the recent findings published in the Food Quality and Preference journal showed consumers believe that wine is better quality if it’s packaged in heavier bottles.


Asked to what extent, on a scale of one to nine, they agreed with the statement that heavier wine bottles were higher quality, shoppers scored an average 6.6.


Of course glass wine packaging, as well as adding a touch of elegance to a wine bottle, is inert and so also fully preserves the original taste of wine as it doesn’t interact with what it holds and is the best protector of flavour.


But it’s not just style and taste that counts, environmental performance does too. Friends of Glass believe it’s important to remember recyclability and raw material extraction and not simply weight when evaluating the carbon footprint of any packaging material.


We were encouraged to see an article published in Packaging news last week that called for action on ‘rightweight’ and not ‘lightweight’ packaging. It made the point that the European packaging industry must ‘rightweight’ and not compromise on quality design in the single-minded  pursuit of lighter packaging.


Linpac Packaging business manager Erwan Cadoret said that: “In today’s market, packaging manufacturers and suppliers are under extreme pressure to produce products which tick all the boxes in terms of cost, weight, quality, efficiency and performance.


“It is essential that we respond to our customers and adapt the way we operate to meet those demands, yet it is fundamental that we do not compromise on efficiency and quality in doing so as the consequences of that are more far reaching.”


We couldn’t agree more. Glass packaging is already on average 40% lighter than ever before so let’s focus on getting the packaging right for the job. And when it comes to wine – that’s got to be glass!






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