Coca-Cola glass bottles are still the favourites


We were excited to hear that Coca-Cola returned to glass packaging after sales of soft drinks in glass bottles grew by 2.6%*. The company was one of the first soft drink makers to use glass packaging when they introduced Coke back in the late 1800s. The distinctive contour bottle design was inspired by the curves and grooves of a cocoa bean and even today, it’s one of the most recognised icons in the world – even in the dark.


With consumers all around the globe becoming more aware of the benefits of glass when it comes to health, taste, quality and the environment, it’s no wonder Coca Cola has a passion for glass.


In fact, we wonder if this move is directly linked to the company’s plans to cut the carbon emissions linked to each of its products by 25%. Did you know that glass can actually lower your carbon footprint compared to other packaging* materials?  Industry research shows that only 4-5% of any form of packaging’s carbon footprint comes from transportation and the full product cycle has to be assessed in order to determine its sustainability credentials.  With glass being 100 per cent endlessly recyclable, it’s hard to find a better choice for nature!


If you prefer drinking your Coke or soft drinks from a glass bottle, we’d love to know why? Is it because you like to recycle or is it just because it tastes better in glass? Tweet us @glassfriendsUK or get in touch on Facebook.


* According to market analysis firm Nielsen, sales of soft drinks in glass bottles grew by 2.6% for the year to the end of April 2013

**O-I’s Life Cycle Assessment

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