MENA loves glass – it’s official!


We were delighted to hear that glass is the preferred choice of packaging for not only Europeans*, but also MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa’s) consumers. An independent survey conducted by Asian Glass magazine has revealed that MENA’s consumer’s choose glass containers for preserving the quality, purity, and taste of their drinks and food.


Here are 4 main reasons why Asia says yes to glass: :


  1. 73% of consumers continue to choose glass packaging for maintaining the purity of a product.
  2. 79% believe that glass packaging is the best choice for ensuring the quality and healthiness of foods.
  3. 62% of consumers choose glass packaging for maintaining the shelf life of a product.
  4. Glass is also the preferred packaging choice for drinks: juices (73%), soft drinks (96%) and health drinks (87%).


Gulf Glass exhibition director, Derek Burston, commented: “It is this trend (towards glass) that is undoubtedly inspiring a number of existing companies, as well as budding entrepreneurs, to increase their exposure to this sector, all of which augurs well of course, for the providers of container glass manufacturing technology”.


*InSites Survey







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