5 Reasons We Love Glass


Glass is the clear choice; for you, for your family, and for the environment. Here are 5 good reasons why:


Glass is good for your shopping bill:

Buying the same weight mustard, honey or ketchup can cost up to 40% more in plastic than in glass.



Glass is forever and ever and ever:

Not only can a glass container take as little as 30 days to go from the recycling bin to becoming a new bottle on the shelf, but it can make this journey time and time again – endlessly – without any loss of quality.




Glass is good for the planet:

The average person opens 7 packages a day, so buying more products in glass means more of those packages are reusable or recyclable. For instance, you can keep jars for making jam, chutneys or to decorate as tea light holders*



Glass has class:

62% of people prefer to drink from a glass with 82% of consumers preferring to drink white wine and 74% red wine from a glass.



Use it or lose it:

Retailers claim by providing more products in plastic, they are giving consumers what they want. However, 84% of consumers across Europe want the right to keep choosing glass packaging.



*When reusing bottles or jars for carbonated liquids, always check the suitability prior to reuse.


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