Hank loses weight – and helps the planet!


- A government-backed programme has encouraged the ‘lightweighting’ of wine bottles, which has helped cut packaging related C02 emissions by 20 per cent (WRAP GlasRite project).


- The GlassRite Wine project has achieved glass savings of more than 37,828 tonnes per year.


- It also showed an increase of 253 million bottles of wine bulk imported to the UK and over 55,420 tonnes of domestic green cullet used.


- The use of recycled glass has increased by nearly 24,000 tonnes per year, saving more than 20,000 tonnes of C02 – equivalent to taking over 6,000 cars off the road.


- Sainsbury’s lightweighting of over 250 individual product lines has saved 490 tonnes of glass annually – the equivalent of C02 emission reduction of 382 tonnes.


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