“11,000 bottles of milk on the wall, 11,000 bottles of milk, you take one down, pass it around…”


Whilst most people store a lawnmower, beach chairs and the barbeque in their garden shed, Paul Luke from Stanford-le-Hope in Essex has managed to amass an unrivalled collection of retro milk memorabilia in his. We absolutely love the fact that Paul has been collecting milk bottles since he was nine, when he was encouraged to do so by his parents whilst helping out on a friend’s milk round.


With items including churns and milk measures (the preferred storage devices for milk prior to the invention of the milk bottle) the Museum, the name which Luke’s friends and family refer to it as, now has over 11,000 bottles in it, along a couple of decommissioned  milk floats, for good measure.


The former milkman even keeps the collection meticulously clean and methodically organised, and has them displayed based on their region of origin. Paul also confirms that he has no plans to stop any time soon, and has added over 1,000 bottles in the past year alone. His only regret was that he hadn’t planned how to store all his bottles. “In hindsight I wish that I’d built a Perspex floor – that way visitors would be able to view bottles in the cellar, too.”


Friends of Glass truly admire Paul’s dedication to this incredible collection and we hope to have the opportunity to visit it soon. Perhaps by then he will have completed his new see through flooring – hopefully it will be made from glass and not Perspex!


For more information on Paul Luke and the Milk Bottle Museum, go to milkbottlenews.org.uk



Based on an article first published in Country Living Magazine



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