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The Glass Ghost and Friends of Glass

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There is no doubt that glass is one of the most original materials available. It not only protects our food and brightens up our décor, but it also creates some amazing sounds.


We were very excited when the up and coming singer songwriter Phildel got in touch with us and asked to use some sounds from the website for her new EP ‘Glass Ghost’. You’ve probably heard Phildel’s beautiful voice all over TV already; her songs have been featured on adverts for Marks & Spencer, Expedia, Apple iPad, Persil and Omo washing powder.


Her music is inspired by a fantasy; she likes to talk about song writing in terms of shape and colour. That’s why there is no surprise that her inspiration for ‘Glass Ghost’ came from glass, winter and ice. When Phildel started experimenting with the sounds of glass, she knew she had something unique. By electronically altering them, she was able to create interesting sonic patterns of the sound of glass.


We are truly in love with songs from The Glass Ghost EP! They are very moving and lively, but also relaxing and soothing. View the trailer for it here and let us know which song is your favourite.