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Glass Packaging Recycling Facts

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There is no doubt that glass is one of the most useful materials on the planet, and has remained so since its invention over 5000 years ago. As we continue to move towards becoming a more sustainable society, glass packaging has become an ever more valuable resource as it can be recovered and recycled over and over again without losing quality.


Here at Friends of Glass we’ve put together some interesting facts to show why every glass jar and bottle should be recycled and what a big difference it can make to the environment:


1. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of quality, strength and functionality.


2. Making new glass from recycled glass uses much less energy than using raw materials.  The energy saving from recycling just one bottle will power: a computer for 25 minutes, a colour TV for 20 minutes or a washing machine for 10 minutes.


3. Every household in the UK uses on average 331 bottles and jars each year.  If the average household recycled all their glass, enough energy would be saved to power your TV while watching  210 episodes of Coronation Street.


4. The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours.


5. Recycling your glass saves valuable raw materials from being quarried and then thrown away in rubbish dumps.


6. In the UK, recycling saves about 10-15 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year, which is the equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road.


We believe that everyone can help the environment by recycling their glass, why not start today and make sure to recycle all your glass jar and bottles :)


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