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The Most Glassy Ad We’ve Ever Seen!

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If you asked us, we’d probably say that Douwe Egberts new ‘No Ordinary Coffee’ TV advert may just be one of our favourite ads ever. It has all the right ingredients: creativity, fun, and of course, glass!


We love all the great ideas showcased in the ad, on how to give a jar a second life and reuse it once you’ve spooned the last drop of coffee out. Douwe Egberts suggests using it as a flower vase, storage, house decoration or sweet storage. For those who haven’t caught it on TV yet, you can watch it here.


Everyone knows that air is the enemy of food and coffee is no exception. Once coffee’s original packaging is opened, coffee can loose its freshness quickly. So in order to keep coffee fresh as long as possible, you want to store it in an air tight container, and glass over the years has proven to be the best solution.


5 Tips to Make an Excellent Jam

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Making excellent jam is really quick and easy and anyone can do it. You only require a few basic pieces of equipment that you may already have in the kitchen; a large pan, a wooden spoon and of course some empty glass jars.


The Duchess of Cambridge recently revealed that she loves to make fruit jam at home while she’s waiting for Prince William. Kate Moss also loves home-made preserves and is launching her own brand of plum conserve made from fruit grown on her Cotswold estate.  How about you, are you making any preservers this summer? If so, here are some excellent tips from Friends of Glass on how to make your jam top notch!


Start with Tested Recipes

For best results, always use tested recipes from a reliable source. Measure ingredients carefully and follow the directions exactly. Do not change the amount of sugar or fruit. Do not substitute one type of pectin for another.


Use Glass Containers

Glass containers are good for jams because the glass won’t react with the acidity of the fruit. Glass is also preferred since you can see the contents. Here are Jamie’s food team’s top tips on how to sterilise and prepare your jars.


Jam Gifts

In late summer, farmers’ markets come alive with sun-ripened fruits. Why not share their flavours with gifts of jams artfully presented in glass jars? You can also add a pretty cloth over the lid to give your pot of homemade jam a vintage feel.


Make Small Batches

Making small batches means that it will take less time for your fruit to be cooked to softness. The less time the fruit is on the stove, the fresher its final flavour will taste.


Get a Jam Funnel

If you’re a bit of a messy cook, it’s a good idea to get a jam funnel. It’s so easy to use, just sit it inside the rim of the jar and it will stop the jam dripping down the side and onto your worktop.


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In a jam about jars? Read on….

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There’s been lots of talk about whether it’s safe to reuse glass jam jars recently and at Friends of Glass, we’re quite flummoxed by all the fuss! Glass itself of course is absolutely safe – the issue of the original concern was about food hygiene and the importance of ensuring no bacteria can remain from previous food stuffs to contaminate your lovely new jam or preserves. So how to prevent this from happening? You must simply always sterilise thoroughly the glass containers and lids before reuse.


Still worried? here’s a few facts everyone should know about glass – please share them with your friends!


  1. Glass is inert: it doen’t react chemically with the food and drink it contains. It remains one of the purest and safest types of packaging available.
  2. When reusing glass jars, always sterilise thoroughly. The risk of contamination from bacteria doesn’t come from the glass but from any food stuffs that have not been cleaned properly from the container or lid.  Take a look at this easy tutorial on how to sterilise jars from Jamie’s food team to make sure you know how to do it properly.
  3. Glass is the only food packaging material classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). (
  4. There is no difference in the glass used to make Kilner jars and ordinary jam jars, beer bottles, machine-made tableware and even window glass. It is all made using soda ash, limestone and sand. Kilner jars are often bought specifically for use when making jam or preserves. They of course can then be reused again and again as with all other types of container glass, providing the above sterilisation process is followed after each use.
  5. Glass is 100% recyclable without losing quality
  6. Glass preserves the natural flavour and appearance of products for a long time without the need for preservatives. Glass containers are also easy to reseal and keep products fresher for longer once they’ve been opened.



Is Nostalgia the future?

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More and more shops are trying to capture people’s memories of the past with products that are very much of today. Clothes designers are always turning the clock back for their new collections, and this trend is now finding its way into homestores.


One of the most successful recent openings has been in the southern English coastal resort of Hastings, where well-known food writer Alastair Hendy is earning lots of praise and business for his hardware emporium Hendy’s Home Store.


Among the stylish vintage household utensils you will find a large collection of glass bottles and jars. They fit perfectly into the store’s philosophy that functional items should be solid and reusable.


Plenty of glass bottles also find their way into the building in the form of wine and beer at weekends, when this novelty of a store doubles up as a vibrant restaurant.


Manageress, Emma, displays a new delivery of glass storage jars.