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Show Some Glassy Love This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve decided to put together some inspirational gift and home décor ideas for all of those who like to get creative. Whether it’s your other half or a friend, it’s nice to give a little ‘I’m thinking about you’ present and show your love :)


Go Vintage


You’ve got to love this set of vintage inspired mason jars, they are just so pretty! You simply need to cut a piece of vintage paper, wrap it around your jar, cut two heart shapes, glue this sheet to your jar and voilà – just add acandle! Full tutorial here



Did anyone say sweets?


On Valentine’s Day you simply can’t go wrong with a beautifully presented jar with a selection of sweets in it. You can really let your creativity flow with this idea mixing and matching sweets, stickers and wrapping paper. Full tutorial here





Make it personal


Gifts in a jar are so much fun! Get inspiration from these Pampering In A Jar, Refreshment In A Jar and Energy In A Jar ideas and create a really special jar for your loved one. Full tutorial here



Make it Long Lasting


This is a great idea for those who want to remind their partners of how much they love them throughout the year. Give your loved one a jar of a year’s worth of reasons why you love him/her. All you need is a jar, some paper, ribbons and 52 reasons – can you think of that many? ;) Full tutorial here 



Make it warm


Give a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to warm hearts! This is probably the safest, but still a very thoughtful option. You can make it extra special by adding a little note to the jar or maybe a special ingredient to give a kick to this hot drink. Full tutorial here


7 Tips for An Unforgettable Garden Party

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Get the most from your backyard space this summer by transforming it into an outside oasis for entertaining. Here’s the low-down by Friends of Glass on how to transform your outdoor space into a ‘glassy’ space to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.


1. Chill beverages in galvanized buckets filled with ice. This saves room in the refrigerator and makes it easy for guests to help themselves whenever they’re thirsty.



2. Add a vintage feel to your party by using glass jars as drinking glasses.



3. Decorate your garden with hanging glass bottles and flowers. Here is a quick and easy tutorial how to do it.



4. Make DIY glass lanterns. Learn how to make them here.



5. Pre-made/pre-chilled cocktails in glass jars.



6. Small jars are great for making up batches of salad dressing for garden parties, just put the ingredients in, on with the lid and shake.



7. If you’re looking for cupcakes that scream summer, these strawberry lemonade cupcakes in a jar from Glorious Treats is just the thing!



Have you got any garden tips, ideas to share with us? Please tweet @glassfriendsUK or get in touch on Facebook.