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Coke Bottles Get Lighter

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‘Coke taste better from a glass bottle’ is probably the most common phrase we hear from our fellow Friends of Glass. It’s no surprise really. Glass is inert and so doesn’t interact with what it holds, which is why it’s simply the best protector of flavour and freshness.


Glass bottles clearly have some brilliant advantages: they look great, they are better for your health and the environment, and are also getting much lighter too! UK glass manufacturer Ardagh has designed a new 330ml glass bottle for Coke weighting just 190g that is 26 per cent lighter than its comparable 2005 bottle.


Amazingly, the new bottle retains all the bottle’s trademark dimensions, quality and strength. Talking about the new and improved design, Carsten Berkau, Design Manager for Glass Europe at Ardagh, said:  “Lightweighting is an ongoing process through well-established design and manufacturing techniques. Our task is to keep the famous shape, whilst determining the stress points and the optimum weight of a glass bottle. State of the art technology ensures that when we are challenged, we can respond with even greater precision.”