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Glass wins big at Packaging Industry ‘Oscars’

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The UK Container Glass Sector scooped up four awards at the Oscars of the packaging industry – the UK Packaging Awards event in London last week. Glass packaging products came first in the categories of: Best International Pack, Best New Product, Best Packaging Company of the Year and The Best Glass Pack Award.


The Best International Pack Award went to Ardagh Glass for the stunning special edition Absolut vodka bottles. It was a daring concept: to make nearly four million bottles where each one had its own colours and design.



The Best New Product Award was picked up by Allied Glass for the Langtons Gin bottle described as “striking”, “iconic” and “disruptive” by the judges. The concept for this design was to evoke the water, slate and mountains of the gin’s Lake District home.



The Glass Pack of the Year Award also went to Allied Glass for another stunning bottle for what is said to be Asia’s only super-premium rum, Phraya Rum. The rum is presented in flint glass wrapped with an ornate metal cuff to create a bottle that the judges said “picks out its heritage exquisitely”.



To round things off, Allied Glass was also nominated as the Best Packaging Company of the Year. The company’s export performance, high quality glass containers for premium spirits brands, continuing innovation and investment in new talent earned them this top accolade from the industry.


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