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Friends of Glass says hello to new partner TaptoTable

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We’re delighted to welcome to the Friends of Glass family TaptoTable, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of luxury glass bottles for serving water and other drinks to hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Like us, TaptoTable simply loves glass. Here’s what they say:


Drinks served in glass bottles simply add style and elegance to the table and are an ideal product for restaurants, hotels, furnished offices, wedding venues, golf clubs, cafes, and in fact anyplace where attention to detail really counts Glass products are also attractive, durable, clean, environmentally friendly, and completely recyclable. They can also be decorated to showcase any food or beverage you care to mention’.


TaptoTable also say that glass is the preferred container for the many in the food and beverage industry because of its timeless quality, it has no taste or added chemicals and is of course 100% recycable .


We couldn’t agree more!


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