Why Wine Drinkers Choose Glass


The traditional 75cl glass bottle option is still by far the most popular choice of wine packaging, according to Wine Intelligence research, with almost three quarters of consumers buying it regularly.


According to the report, consumers base their decisions on a wide range of factors, including value for money, portability and environmental credentials. However, occasion and product image are the most important, which is great news for glass; because as we all know, glass adds class!


People who choose glass bottles for wine know that glass is the only packaging material that fully preserves the original taste of wine, so that with glass, wine tastes like wine. Glass wine bottles do not need plastic linings to keep their contents safe and drinkable.


Glass is also 100% and infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality!


No other material match the sheer beauty and craftsmanship that goes into producing glass.What better gift is there to bring to a dinner party than a well selected glass bottle of wine to complement the food on the dinner table?


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