SodaStream takes a pop at the Soft Drinks industry


We couldn’t help but notice a bold ad by SodaStream in the nationals this week. It states:


“This week, our TV advertisement has been banned from being shown on UK TV because the major commercial broadcasters have ruled it ‘denigrates the soft drinks industry’. This is the same soft drinks industry which spends £39million in TV advertising each yearIn the UK, we dispose of 35 million plastic bottles every day* and only 26% of these are recycled. An estimated 8% of world oil consumption is used in manufacturing plastic** and this doesn’t include transportation.For some this truth is uncomfortable, but should it be banned from being told? Clearcast and the major UK commercial broadcasterts seem to think so…”


What do you think? Is this fair comment or not? Friends of Glass would like to hear your comments on this, please tweet us @GlassFriendsUK or contact us on Facebook.


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