Is Nostalgia the future?


More and more shops are trying to capture people’s memories of the past with products that are very much of today. Clothes designers are always turning the clock back for their new collections, and this trend is now finding its way into homestores.


One of the most successful recent openings has been in the southern English coastal resort of Hastings, where well-known food writer Alastair Hendy is earning lots of praise and business for his hardware emporium Hendy’s Home Store.


Among the stylish vintage household utensils you will find a large collection of glass bottles and jars. They fit perfectly into the store’s philosophy that functional items should be solid and reusable.


Plenty of glass bottles also find their way into the building in the form of wine and beer at weekends, when this novelty of a store doubles up as a vibrant restaurant.


Manageress, Emma, displays a new delivery of glass storage jars.


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