Good news for glass as supermarkets and brands agree to cut food and drink waste


It’s great to see that the grocery sector continues to show its commitment to reducing food and drink waste as 45 signatories joined the third phase of an industry commissioned voluntary agreement to reduce packaging and food waste, known as the Courtauld Commitment, earlier this month.


Signatories to the agreement, including; all major grocery retailers, many household brands, and manufacturers, could reduce waste by 1.1 million tonnes by 2015, bringing £1.6 billion of cost benefits to consumers and the industry**.


The agreement aims to reduce household food and drink waste by 5%, which is great if you are a friend of glass, as glass is inert and virtually impermeable to oxygen, and thereby keeping food and drink fresher for longer.


There is also a target to reduce traditional grocery ingredient, product and packaging waste in the grocery supply chain by 3%.


The third major aim of this ambitious plan is to improve packaging design throughout the supply chain to maximise recycled content, by improving recyclability and delivering product protection to reduce food waste, while ensuring there is no increase in the carbon impact of packaging.


We believe that glass can really help to achieve these targets. Glass is made from three simple ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash and is 100 per cent and endlessly recyclable.  This results in less energy and natural resources being used, which is good for all of us.



** All of the forecast impacts (tonnage, environmental and financial) are based on retaining the same coverage in waste terms as for Courtauld 2.

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