Glass Keeps our Food Fresher for Longer


Friends of Glass welcomes the new research from Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which shows that only 13% of us realise that packaging can play an important role in protecting food in our homes. Storing our food in its packaging can help keep it fresher for longer, saving us money and reducing food waste.


Not surprisingly the research found that after price, freshness and how long food lasts for are the most important factors for us when we go shopping. We all want to make sure our food is at its best for longer so that we don’t have to throw it, and our money, in the bin.


Friends of Glass thinks that glass is definitely a friend when it comes to reducing food waste.  Glass is virtually impermeable to oxygen so it keeps your food and drink fresher for longer and preserves the flavour! Here are 5 great ways glass can help reduce food waste in your kitchen.


This new research study, Consumer Attitudes to Food Waste and Food Packaging, delivered in partnership with INCPEN, The Packaging Federation, The Food and Drink Federation, Kent Waste Partnership and The British Retail Consortium, has been published last week by the Government waste body – Waste and Recycling Action Programme (WRAP).


Industry partners said: “Food waste is a global issue. We all have a role to play in reducing it –  manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and there are many ways of doing it. Keeping food in its specifically designed packaging, and following the dates and storage guidance that appears on the pack is a great start. We have made significant progress in this area, but there is still more that we can do to help reduce food waste, reduce the environmental impact and ultimately save consumers money”.



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