Beck’s Goes Even Greener With New Lightweight Glass Bottles


Earlier this month Beck’s introduced a new lightweight glass bottle in the UK with the aim of cutting carbon emissions. The 275 ml bottles are around 11% (20g) lighter than before.


The company predicts that they will save around 2,500 tonnes of glass next year and reduce its CO2 emissions by almost 2,000 tonnes, which equates to enough energy to supply power to 380 UK households for a year.


Marketing Director for Beck’s Western Europe, Fabienne Rollot said: “This change is just one of the ways in which we are improving our environmental performance and making our iconic green glass bottles even greener.”


Friends of Glass are very happy to see the company’s commitment to improving its environmental performance and think that glass is the perfect packaging material for beer bottles, as it protects the taste better than any other container. It never interferes with what’s inside and keeps your drink cooler for longer. What’s not to like? :)


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