A Whisky Bottle Designed Specifically For Women


Have you ever imaged how a whisky bottle specifically designed for women would look like? How about if it were in the shape of a wine bottle, the packaging wrapped in small ads found in newspapers and the bottle presented as a “male seeking a female”.


That’s what Scottish student, Melissa Preston, who has won a D&AD student award for a whisky bottle designed specifically for women, decided to do to when she wanted to give this more masculine drink a makeover.



“I really enjoy whisky but it is a drink steeped in male connotations,” said Preston, who is a graphic design student at Edinburgh Napier University. “I wanted to break away from the macho image without being too girly or cliché.


“By looking at dating adverts in newspapers I saw how, in quite a tongue in cheek way, the description and language used by ‘men seeking women’ could be compared to the way a whisky is often described.


“The design is simple and instant. It doesn’t scream of branding and entices the customer in for a closer look. Re-shaping the bottle will hopefully encourage women to reach for a bottle of whisky instead of their usual pinot grigio.”


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The story first appeared on Packaging News.

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