Heinz unveils on the go baby drink range


We were disappointed to read last week about the packaging for Heinz’s new baby drinks range. Heinz has chosen 150ml plastic bottles for its new on-the-go baby drinks claiming that glass bottles were less convenient. We disagree. Glass is the only material that offers complete peace of mind on health – it is inert, requiring no additional layers chemicals to protect what it contains, making it the material of choice for baby food and drinks.


Glass is also now in many cases 40% lighter than 20 years ago, and is the only material to be infinitely recyclable. A typical glass jar or bottle can take just 30 days to go from recycling bin back to a new container on the store shelf.  What’s not to like?


We know that choice of packaging is important too – 84% of consumers across Europe want the right to keep choosing glass packaging (The European Glass Packaging Survey). Respondents were aged 18 and older and represented a cross-section of each country’s population. A copy of the executive summary and full survey is available on request.


So our plea to Heinz is – please keep glass on the shelf and let your customers continue to enjoy the choice.


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