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Hollywood’s Elite Say Yes to Glass

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What’s the best way to drink water? From a glass bottle, of course! But don’t just take our word for it just take a look at all the Tinsel Town celebs we’ve spotted choosing glass:


Cameron Diaz, actress and newly acclaimed health guru, was spotted carrying her French-style glass bottle with a rubber-sealed ceramic pop top whilst at her new ‘Body Book’ signing last week. The Hollywood beauty swears by the benefits of water and she certainly knows how best to store it ;) Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and Kirsten Dunst are also big fans of glass water bottles. They have been snapped carrying them from the gym, walking in the park, and we bet they keep them at their desks too!



With such glamorous support, here is a quick reminder as to why glass water bottles are really catching on:




A glass bottle is completely inert and does not react with  its contents, making it  safe to use over and over again.




Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over and over again without loss of quality. This makes glass one of the most eco-friendly materials available.




You’ve got to agree that water simply tastes best out of glass! Not convinced? Do a taste test at home and compare the taste and feel of a glass bottle against other materials.




Glass packaging always add that wow factor to anything it holds. Water in a glass bottle just looks that extra special.


Show Some Glassy Love This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve decided to put together some inspirational gift and home décor ideas for all of those who like to get creative. Whether it’s your other half or a friend, it’s nice to give a little ‘I’m thinking about you’ present and show your love :)


Go Vintage


You’ve got to love this set of vintage inspired mason jars, they are just so pretty! You simply need to cut a piece of vintage paper, wrap it around your jar, cut two heart shapes, glue this sheet to your jar and voilà – just add acandle! Full tutorial here



Did anyone say sweets?


On Valentine’s Day you simply can’t go wrong with a beautifully presented jar with a selection of sweets in it. You can really let your creativity flow with this idea mixing and matching sweets, stickers and wrapping paper. Full tutorial here





Make it personal


Gifts in a jar are so much fun! Get inspiration from these Pampering In A Jar, Refreshment In A Jar and Energy In A Jar ideas and create a really special jar for your loved one. Full tutorial here



Make it Long Lasting


This is a great idea for those who want to remind their partners of how much they love them throughout the year. Give your loved one a jar of a year’s worth of reasons why you love him/her. All you need is a jar, some paper, ribbons and 52 reasons – can you think of that many? ;) Full tutorial here 



Make it warm


Give a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to warm hearts! This is probably the safest, but still a very thoughtful option. You can make it extra special by adding a little note to the jar or maybe a special ingredient to give a kick to this hot drink. Full tutorial here


‘The Sound of Opening a Glass Jar Reminds me of…’ Competition

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We are very excited to announce our new Facebook competition! From Monday 20th – Friday 24th January, we will be asking our Facebook fans to get their creative hats on and tell us what the sound of opening a glass jar reminds them of.


The most original answer will be announced on Friday next week and will receive a £15 Sainsbury’s gift voucher, whilst two runners up will get our very popular Friends of Glass jute bags.


To enter the competition, you simply need to comment under the competition announcement post on our Facebook page. We are really looking forward to reading all your entries, good luck!


Friends of Glass Facebook Competition rules:


  1. Maximum of one entry per person per day.
  2. The competition will run over 5 days from 9am, Monday 20th January until 3pm, 24th January 2014.
  3. There is no cash alternative. The decision of the Friends of Glass UK team is final.
  4. Winners please allow up to 28 days after the closing date for delivery of your prizes.
  5. Any comments or submissions deemed inappropriate will be removed from our Facebook page without prior warning.



Thinking about Water?….Think Glass!

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Is your New Year’s resolution to drink more water?  If so, why not get a reusable glass bottle to keep you hydrated when on the go?


There are lots of designs to choose from, all making it easier and pleasurable for you to keep up your water intake ;) Pictured below are a few of our favourites from Flaska, Wiggle and LifeFactory.


Looking at these lovely bottles got us thinking more about water. Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, and is vital for all known forms of life. Our bodies are 66% water and even though we could survive without food for more than 30 days, we would last less than a week without water. Amazingly only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is from freshwater sources!
Unfortunately water – and especially our oceans – is also a place where humans dump their rubbish. Over 6 billion kilos of rubbish’, including considerable amounts of plastic, is being dumped into the ocean every year. Fortunately a few committed people are taking actions to tackle the problem of irresponsibly discarded plastic bottles. Harvard University students have voted to banish plastic water bottles from their campus, and   Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges is one of a number of high profile celebrities encouraging his fans to stop using plastic bottles.


Glass lovers know that when they choose glass they are making a positive impact on the environment. Even when a glass bottle reaches the end of its life, it is 100% recyclable as it can be  melted down and used to produce more glass products. Also, a glass bottle is completely inert and does not react with  its contents, making it  safe to use over and over again.


So next time you reach for that bottle of water – help the planet and make sure it’s a glass one ;)



May your Christmas be Merry and ‘Green’!

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With the festive season just around the corner, many will be stocking up their shelves with sweet treats, delicious drinks and other holiday essentials. It’s one of the most exciting times in the year when families and friends sit down together for a lovely meal and exchange carefully picked presents.


However, Christmas time is also one of the most wasteful occasions, as we produce 30 per cent more rubbish than usual*. That’s why Friends of Glass would like to remind you to recycle the cranberry and horseradish sauce jars you were passing around the table, and put all those wine and beer bottles in the recycling box or take them to bottle bank.



Here are some quick tips from us, for perfect glass recycling this Christmas.


  1. Glass containers such as bottles and jars should be cleaned before recycling.
  2. Remember that you can also recycle the aluminium screw tops along with their glass bottles. Simply screw the top back on the empty bottle before recycling.
  3. Check if your local council sorts your glass into separate compartments on the recycling truck next time it collects from your doorstep. If it doesn’t, do take your empty bottles and jars to the nearest bottle bank as this helps ensure the highest quality recycled glass is obtained.
  4.  You can find your nearest glass bank at – just type in your postcode (UK only). Why not plan a visit to your local recycling point in to your family’s post-Christmas meal walk? You can burn off those festive treats whilst doing some good for the environment!
  5. When using bottle banks, put the glass in the correct bank for clear, green or brown glass (blue glass goes in with green glass). A small effort which in the end reduces CO2 emissions and ensures the maximum amount of glass gets recycled.


Did you know?  The jar or bottle you put in the bottle bank could be back on the shelf within 70 days!


Happy Recycling :)



There is a Gift in a Jar for Everyone!

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On the hunt for some fun homemade gifts for your loved ones this Christmas?  Gifts in a Jar are always fun to make and are great and thoughtful presents, too. This year Friends of Glass decided to make our very own Christmas Gift guide, with all presents beautifully packaged in glass jars of course ;) Hope our ideas will inspire you to get crafty!


Gift in a Jar for Her


You simply can’t go wrong with beauty treatments – every girl loves to make herself feel good. Simply gather together a small tub of face cleansing cream, lip balm, bath salts, sugar scrub, etc. Add the items to the jar with the content labels facing the outside so that the recipient can easily see what is in the jar. Once it is all in, print a ‘Spa in a Jar’ label and cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the jar to give it that special touch.




Gifts in a Jar for Him


Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Try making this Snowman Hot Cocoa, it’s very simple and you can do this if you need a last minute gift and have no time to bake. Simply add some hot chocolate mix powder and some marshmallows into the jar and add a recipe tag on how to make the hot cocoa.




Gifts in a Jar for little ones


The Galt Giant Art Jar is an exciting selection of art and craft materials in a big storage jar, complete with idea sheets for lots of fun craft activities. It makes a lovely gift that will keep children occupied for many fun-filled hours.




Gifts in a Jar for a dog


Let’s not forget our four-legged friends too and treat them to some homemade snacks to get their tails wagging. We’re sure your furry friend will appreciate the effort ;)




We would love to hear which gift in a jar idea is your favourite, also feel free to share your own :) deas and suggestions for a perfect gift in a jar for Christmas :)


Glass wins big at Packaging Industry ‘Oscars’

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The UK Container Glass Sector scooped up four awards at the Oscars of the packaging industry – the UK Packaging Awards event in London last week. Glass packaging products came first in the categories of: Best International Pack, Best New Product, Best Packaging Company of the Year and The Best Glass Pack Award.


The Best International Pack Award went to Ardagh Glass for the stunning special edition Absolut vodka bottles. It was a daring concept: to make nearly four million bottles where each one had its own colours and design.



The Best New Product Award was picked up by Allied Glass for the Langtons Gin bottle described as “striking”, “iconic” and “disruptive” by the judges. The concept for this design was to evoke the water, slate and mountains of the gin’s Lake District home.



The Glass Pack of the Year Award also went to Allied Glass for another stunning bottle for what is said to be Asia’s only super-premium rum, Phraya Rum. The rum is presented in flint glass wrapped with an ornate metal cuff to create a bottle that the judges said “picks out its heritage exquisitely”.



To round things off, Allied Glass was also nominated as the Best Packaging Company of the Year. The company’s export performance, high quality glass containers for premium spirits brands, continuing innovation and investment in new talent earned them this top accolade from the industry.


We would love to hear which bottle would get your vote? Is it Absolut Unique, Langtons Gin or Phraya Rum? Tweet us on @GlassFriendsUK or get in touch on Facebook.


For more information about the awards visit


Demijohn – A true Friend of Glass

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While exhibiting at BBC Good Food Show Scotland last month, Friends of Glass met lots of great companies who choose glass as their preferred packaging material. However there was one company which really stood out for us, due to their creative business approach and love for glass.


Demijohn is the world’s first ever liquid deli, specialising in predominantly British-made quirky liqueurs, spirits, whiskies, oils and vinegars.  The store is a foodie’s paradise with its various glass jars of delicious liquids and delightful colours, each promising its own distinctive taste.


What’s more, Demijohn offers its customers the chance to choose the size and shape of the bottle into which their purchases will be poured.



We’re thankful that Demijohn chooses to serve its products in glass, as this will not only mean they will look great in any kitchen, but also ensure that the deli’s delights stay fresher for longer. The company also encourages its customers to bring their bottles back and get them refilled – another reason why endlessly reuseable glass is perfect for the job and Demijohn is a true Friend of Glass!


For more information about Demijohn products visit their website

The Glass Ghost and Friends of Glass

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There is no doubt that glass is one of the most original materials available. It not only protects our food and brightens up our décor, but it also creates some amazing sounds.


We were very excited when the up and coming singer songwriter Phildel got in touch with us and asked to use some sounds from the website for her new EP ‘Glass Ghost’. You’ve probably heard Phildel’s beautiful voice all over TV already; her songs have been featured on adverts for Marks & Spencer, Expedia, Apple iPad, Persil and Omo washing powder.


Her music is inspired by a fantasy; she likes to talk about song writing in terms of shape and colour. That’s why there is no surprise that her inspiration for ‘Glass Ghost’ came from glass, winter and ice. When Phildel started experimenting with the sounds of glass, she knew she had something unique. By electronically altering them, she was able to create interesting sonic patterns of the sound of glass.


We are truly in love with songs from The Glass Ghost EP! They are very moving and lively, but also relaxing and soothing. View the trailer for it here and let us know which song is your favourite.


Glass Packaging Recycling Facts

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There is no doubt that glass is one of the most useful materials on the planet, and has remained so since its invention over 5000 years ago. As we continue to move towards becoming a more sustainable society, glass packaging has become an ever more valuable resource as it can be recovered and recycled over and over again without losing quality.


Here at Friends of Glass we’ve put together some interesting facts to show why every glass jar and bottle should be recycled and what a big difference it can make to the environment:


1. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of quality, strength and functionality.


2. Making new glass from recycled glass uses much less energy than using raw materials.  The energy saving from recycling just one bottle will power: a computer for 25 minutes, a colour TV for 20 minutes or a washing machine for 10 minutes.


3. Every household in the UK uses on average 331 bottles and jars each year.  If the average household recycled all their glass, enough energy would be saved to power your TV while watching  210 episodes of Coronation Street.


4. The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours.


5. Recycling your glass saves valuable raw materials from being quarried and then thrown away in rubbish dumps.


6. In the UK, recycling saves about 10-15 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year, which is the equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road.


We believe that everyone can help the environment by recycling their glass, why not start today and make sure to recycle all your glass jar and bottles :)


For more information about glass recycling visit and