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Why Wine Drinkers Choose Glass

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The traditional 75cl glass bottle option is still by far the most popular choice of wine packaging, according to Wine Intelligence research, with almost three quarters of consumers buying it regularly.


According to the report, consumers base their decisions on a wide range of factors, including value for money, portability and environmental credentials. However, occasion and product image are the most important, which is great news for glass; because as we all know, glass adds class!


People who choose glass bottles for wine know that glass is the only packaging material that fully preserves the original taste of wine, so that with glass, wine tastes like wine. Glass wine bottles do not need plastic linings to keep their contents safe and drinkable.


Glass is also 100% and infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality!


No other material match the sheer beauty and craftsmanship that goes into producing glass.What better gift is there to bring to a dinner party than a well selected glass bottle of wine to complement the food on the dinner table?


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A Whisky Bottle Designed Specifically For Women

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Have you ever imaged how a whisky bottle specifically designed for women would look like? How about if it were in the shape of a wine bottle, the packaging wrapped in small ads found in newspapers and the bottle presented as a “male seeking a female”.


That’s what Scottish student, Melissa Preston, who has won a D&AD student award for a whisky bottle designed specifically for women, decided to do to when she wanted to give this more masculine drink a makeover.



“I really enjoy whisky but it is a drink steeped in male connotations,” said Preston, who is a graphic design student at Edinburgh Napier University. “I wanted to break away from the macho image without being too girly or cliché.


“By looking at dating adverts in newspapers I saw how, in quite a tongue in cheek way, the description and language used by ‘men seeking women’ could be compared to the way a whisky is often described.


“The design is simple and instant. It doesn’t scream of branding and entices the customer in for a closer look. Re-shaping the bottle will hopefully encourage women to reach for a bottle of whisky instead of their usual pinot grigio.”


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The story first appeared on Packaging News.

Is Nostalgia the future?

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More and more shops are trying to capture people’s memories of the past with products that are very much of today. Clothes designers are always turning the clock back for their new collections, and this trend is now finding its way into homestores.


One of the most successful recent openings has been in the southern English coastal resort of Hastings, where well-known food writer Alastair Hendy is earning lots of praise and business for his hardware emporium Hendy’s Home Store.


Among the stylish vintage household utensils you will find a large collection of glass bottles and jars. They fit perfectly into the store’s philosophy that functional items should be solid and reusable.


Plenty of glass bottles also find their way into the building in the form of wine and beer at weekends, when this novelty of a store doubles up as a vibrant restaurant.


Manageress, Emma, displays a new delivery of glass storage jars.


Glass Milk Bottles Take A Step Closer To Disappearing Forever

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Dairy Crest, the UK’s largest dairy company, announced last week it plans to shut a glass bottling dairy at Aintree, where 220 people work, and a site at Fenstanton in Cambridgeshire which  employs a further 250 people. The move, which would leave the company’s Hanworth dairy in London, as its only glass-bottle site.


The company said that the closure of the Aintree plant reflected changing habits in society, as milk deliveries decline and people opt for plastic bottles and bags of milk over glass bottles.


Doorstep deliveries have been falling by an annual average of 10 per cent for the past two decades. Nowadays, only two million glass milk bottles are currently delivered to people’s doorsteps every day across the UK – which is down from around 40m in the early 1990s.


Dairy Crest also said its contract to supply milk to Tesco would not be renewed when it comes to an end in July, which equates to around 3% of its total output.  Dairy Crest boss Mark Allen said the “disappointing loss” of the Tesco business underlined the challenges in the liquid milk industry.


Friends of Glass think that milk in a glass bottle is worth fighting for! Milk in glass not only tastes better; the glass bottle tends to keep it colder and fresher for longer too.


You simply cannot find a more environmentally friendly packaging material than glass milk bottles, which can be reused over and over again. Recycling and reusing glass milk bottles also lowers the amount of materials dumped in landfills.


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Major brands celebrate glass!

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Given the recent activity from McDonald’s and Evian, it’s apparent that glass is still the best way to underline a brand’s unique quality and style. McDonald’s is giving away gorgeous retro Coca Cola glasses to celebrate Coke’s 125th anniversary, and leading mineral water brand Evian has launched a limited edition glass bottle with French fashion house Courrèges and online retailer


Both brands are providing extensive support for these glass special editions, with McDonald’s running a TV, outdoor and in-store campaign, and Evian creating an online hub with called “The Courrèges Effect”. The hub offers its members exclusive access to bid for reissued Courrèges vintage shift dresses, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the Courrèges fashion house in Paris.


Interestingly, the two companies have taken totally different methods to market the glass products featured in the campaigns. McDonald’s has played on the classic look and feel of glass to tie in with the iconic Coca Cola bottle. This theme is also apparent in its digital media approach, which includes a Flashback Booth phone app enabling customers to upload photos and give them a “retro-style makeover” which can then be published on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Evian has designed a bottle that is both modern and stylistic in design, which includes Courrèges signature pink and white detail, on the tall glass bottle. Evian has previously worked with designers Paul Smith, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix, on a series of limited edition bottles.