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Beck’s Goes Even Greener With New Lightweight Glass Bottles

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Earlier this month Beck’s introduced a new lightweight glass bottle in the UK with the aim of cutting carbon emissions. The 275 ml bottles are around 11% (20g) lighter than before.


The company predicts that they will save around 2,500 tonnes of glass next year and reduce its CO2 emissions by almost 2,000 tonnes, which equates to enough energy to supply power to 380 UK households for a year.


Marketing Director for Beck’s Western Europe, Fabienne Rollot said: “This change is just one of the ways in which we are improving our environmental performance and making our iconic green glass bottles even greener.”


Friends of Glass are very happy to see the company’s commitment to improving its environmental performance and think that glass is the perfect packaging material for beer bottles, as it protects the taste better than any other container. It never interferes with what’s inside and keeps your drink cooler for longer. What’s not to like? :)


SodaStream takes a pop at the Soft Drinks industry

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We couldn’t help but notice a bold ad by SodaStream in the nationals this week. It states:


“This week, our TV advertisement has been banned from being shown on UK TV because the major commercial broadcasters have ruled it ‘denigrates the soft drinks industry’. This is the same soft drinks industry which spends £39million in TV advertising each yearIn the UK, we dispose of 35 million plastic bottles every day* and only 26% of these are recycled. An estimated 8% of world oil consumption is used in manufacturing plastic** and this doesn’t include transportation.For some this truth is uncomfortable, but should it be banned from being told? Clearcast and the major UK commercial broadcasterts seem to think so…”


What do you think? Is this fair comment or not? Friends of Glass would like to hear your comments on this, please tweet us @GlassFriendsUK or contact us on Facebook.


Marmite Glass Jar Recycling Day

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Bottle Alley Glass, the Yorkshire based glass bottle recycling business organised a Marmite glass jar recycling day in aid of the charity PWSA UK on Saturday 17th November 2012 at MUSE Ale & Wine bar in Wetherby Yorkshire. Over £100 was raised for the charity through donations, raffles and sale of Duncan’s Beads special edition recycled glass Marmite jar jewellery. The 100 jars collected on the day will be de-labelled, crushed into various sized cullet and then fused into products by Bottle Alley Glass. An order for a House sign has already been received and ideas for a special Marmite glass bowl is being finalised by co-owner Philippa Ashbee.


The event was supported by MTT MUSE manager Nicola Outhwaite and her team who dressed in Love/hate it tee shirts as well as selling Marmite Love it Hate it food on the day with a donation being given to PWSA UK for every dish sold.


Duncan’s Beads received two Marmite jars from Bottle Alley Glass and hand crafted the jars into a selection of Marmite special edition bracelet, earrings, necklace and key ring and generously donated these to the event. Further orders were taken on the day.


The event was attended by some 30 members of the Geocaching fraternity who came along to log their visit for the “Love it Hate it” event and enjoy the Muse  hospitality.


Bottle Alley Glass owned by Daughter and Father team Philippa and Alan Ashbee buys unwanted waste glass bottles and jars and recycles them into sheets that are then fabricated into work  & counter tops, wall & floor tiles, splash backs and vanity units, shelves and feature light panels as well as tea points, cafe bars and trophy awards. The product is 100% recycled bottle glass with no added colourings or resins that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.


Bottle Alley Glass also uses 100% sourced green energy to fire its three large kilns with most of the energy used on an off peak tariff.