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Friends of Glass says hello to new partner TaptoTable

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We’re delighted to welcome to the Friends of Glass family TaptoTable, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of luxury glass bottles for serving water and other drinks to hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Like us, TaptoTable simply loves glass. Here’s what they say:


Drinks served in glass bottles simply add style and elegance to the table and are an ideal product for restaurants, hotels, furnished offices, wedding venues, golf clubs, cafes, and in fact anyplace where attention to detail really counts Glass products are also attractive, durable, clean, environmentally friendly, and completely recyclable. They can also be decorated to showcase any food or beverage you care to mention’.


TaptoTable also say that glass is the preferred container for the many in the food and beverage industry because of its timeless quality, it has no taste or added chemicals and is of course 100% recycable .


We couldn’t agree more!


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High Five to Mark & Spencer’s Plan A

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We were delighted to hear this week of Marks & Spencer’s plans to make more out of glass recycling. As M&S celebrates five years of its “Plan A” ethical business strategy, the popular high street company also claimed it had become the first carbon neutral retailer, sending zero waste to landfill.


M&S’ head of Plan A delivery, Adam Elman, told edieWaste that the company is currently in discussions with its glass jar and wine bottle manufacturers to source and return higher quality levels of glass to them through better segregation methods at its stores and distribution centres. 

“The mixed glass we collect from our stores we are looking to separate out and also remove the ceramics so the clear glass can be sent back direct. By returning more of this material to our manufacturers, it will help them reduce the energy usage of their furnaces,” he said. 


We believe that Mark & Spencer is a great example of how a business can profit through adopting sustainable practices.  According to Elman, the revenue M&S now derives from its recycling activities, coupled with the avoidance of landfill cost and reduction in staff time associated with processing food waste, delivered an annual net benefit of £6.3m in 2011-12.Cheers to that!


You’ve Got To Love Wean Green!

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The Friends of Glass team recently came across Wean Green’s website and instantly fell in love with their colourful and glassy food containers. We also couldn’t help but share their brilliant Tomato Sauce Experiment, carried out by the founder herself, which just shows how safe, reusable and truly natural glass is!


The Tomato Sauce Experiment by Melissa Gunning as featured on Wean Green’s website


Having an impermeable and non-porous container is the shizzle right? If you understand what that really means, than yes, it rocks! I spoke to someone the other day and told them I did this experiment and now I will share the Tomato Sauce Experiment.


I used a tempered glass Wean Green Wean Cube and a BPA Free Plastic Container that I purchased just for this experiment. Both had never been used before and both were given the exact same treatment.


The ultimate showdown. The containers before I tortured them.

The tomato sauce goes in…the suspense builds.



The real test is about to begin as they are placed in the microwave.



What will happen after 5 minutes in the cooker?



They don’t look so bad? Do they?



Time for a bath! Both containers are scrubbed…and scrubbed…and scrubbed.



After all that scrubbing this is as clean as I could get the containers. Accidentally scratched one with my hard cloth.


So to further explain my opening statements…Impermeable = nothing can get through, it is impassable. Non-porous = air, water, fluids (& tomato sauce) are not able to cross the surface. It does not allow them through.

What this means for you = your food stays in the container and the container does not put any parts of the container in your food or take any parts of your food from the container.


Conclusion = Wean Green tempered glass food containers do not allow food to pass into the glass nor do they allow for anything inside the glass to pass into your food, keeping your food fresher, healthier and more awesome.